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An elite icon community for the anime/manga genre

Welcome to Animanga Elite Icons!
Do you see icons that make your eyes bleed on your favorite fandom communities? Tired of seeing icon artists following the same pesty trends over and over? Did someone call your graphics crappy and you want to show them you have decency by showing them to a bunch of llamas? Then this is your place to be! Inspired by hip_animanga and goodanimeicons, we're the community for your decent animanga icon needs.

ONE: Please be on a decent behavior. Any flaming or harrassment will not be tolerated.
TWO: The LJ-cut is your friend if you have more than three icons to share. One image no bigger than 400x400 will be allowed the LJ-cut.
THREE: DO NOT click "Join" to become a member. If you wish to be part of this comm's elite team, please apply HERE. Otherwise, just watch the community. You can also apply as a moderator HERE.
FOUR: If you are not accepted, please do not fret! You can apply as many times as you like. But please refrain from applying too often.
FIVE: Unless me or the other mods swear like a pirate at you or threaten to kill your mother, please do not try to take offense by our decisions. It is simply constructive criticism.
SIX: Any sort of graphics are allowed. But please only apply with icons, and post icons every now and then.
SEVEN: Have fun!